A step-by-step guide to authentic corporate storytelling

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About the author

Gay Flashman is a pioneer of brand journalism for corporate clients around the world. Gay’s career began in broadcasting, as a journalist and news executive at the BBC, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News and Sky. Her successful career took her around the world, before she built her award-winning agency Formative Content.

Gay has used her experience and achievements in journalism to help corporate clients build great narratives and compelling content.

In her very practical book, Powerful B2B Content, she showcases how to create powerful content that builds trust and influence in businesses and brands.


Trust in your brand is your most precious asset
Gay Flashman

Powerful B2B Content

In a world of always-on social media, research shows people trust businesses more than governments and the media. Win the trust and engagement of potential customers by creating powerful B2B content that is relevant, credible and offers a fresh perspective on the issues your audience cares about. This book shows you how.

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A richly illustrated guide to how businesses can create their own media brands.

Mark Jones, Head of Digital Content, World Economic Forum

What is brand journalism?

Cutting through to the audiences you need to reach has never been harder. The noise in social media can be deafening, drowning out conventional marketing messages. This means we need to find a new way to engage the attention of the people we want to address.

Stories are the way humans make sense of the world, and narrative is a potent force. Telling stories that are compelling and deliver fresh insights is a highly effective way of attracting and holding people’s attention.

Brand journalism gives you the opportunity to show you understand the issues facing your audience and share their wider concerns about the world.

Demonstrating your company’s expertise has the twin benefits of building your reputation and offering actionable insights to your audience.

If your content has helped someone understand a difficult topic or enabled them to sound smarter in a meeting with their boss, they will come back again and again. You will be trusted, recommended and your content will be widely shared.

As data protection laws make it harder than ever to build useful prospect lists, brand journalism pulls people naturally towards your business. It’s a world away from the resistance often generated by push marketing. Effective brand journalism is a breakthrough tool in the armoury of any marketer.

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Where to buy the book

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